Seafood Extravaganza

I recently got taken to an amazing seafood restaurant in Cottesloe, Perth.

Seafood is always such an exciting, sexy meal...there is so much interaction with the food! We rip apart shellfish and suck out the sweet flesh inside, and allow delicious salty oysters to roll down our tongues. I love using my hands to eat; there is something quite primal about it.

Here is Perth one of the specialities in Marron; its a delicious local fresh water crayfish, with sweet white flesh.

While we started off with some refreshing cocktail, my meals were accompanied by a crisp reserve Chardonnay from the local Swan River valley wine region. I would have chosen a semillon to go with the seafood but in fact the Chardonay was perfect!

There is a delightful river tour you can do from Perth city through the lovely Swan Valley, stopping at some of these wineries to taste their whites, reds and stickies! You might think Perth is quite a new city but in fact some of the wineries were developed over 150 years ago.

Let me know next time you're in Perth...I would love to accompany you and we can try the wines together.

xx Naomi





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